Mucho Tango Festival – Buenos Aires 2022

Mucho Tango Festival

What a great opportunity to be part of Mucho Tango Festival. Thank you Magdalena Valdez, Roberto Zuccarino, Dorota Agata to have invited us. A pleasure to share and meet again with so many super professional and committed colleagues and so many milonguero friends united by the same passion. 
Magdalena Gutierrez & German Ballejo 

Toronto here we go! TTX 2022!!

Toronto here we go! TTX 2022

We are so happy to be one more time invited to this wonderful Festival full of lovely people and so well organized, in a very familiar and cozy way. We can’t wait to meet you all again!

Ideal weather to get lost walking in such a lovely city, enjoy lessons and milongas with the best atmosphere.

We are looking forward to share the experience with you all and this amazing cast.

The Toronto Tango Experience Festival & Marathon (TTX)
October 6-9, 2022
German Ballejo & Magdalena Gutierrez
(2017 World Tango Champions)
Eleonora Kalganova with partner Iakof Shonsky
with world class DJs from around the world.
Get ready for 4 days of dance-till-you drop milongas on a wooden floor in our beautiful air-conditioned ballroom (with full licensed bar). We have visitors from ALL OVER THE WORLD coming to ‘our festival so don’t miss this special opportunity to meet amazing dancers from every continent.
The Toronto Tango Experience takes place at the SPK Polish Hall, 206 Beverley St, Toronto
To register or for more information visit
Toronto Tango Experience Tango Festival website

Tangostuni 2022 – Tango Holidays!

Tangostuni 2022 - Tango Holidays!

We are in Puglia (Italy), a land of light, sea, history, unique flavors, natural beauty, and even Tango. Since 2003 we have been organizing holiday tango. We were the first in the world !!! Yes, the first to think of 7 days of lessons, milongas and tourism.

Always accompanied by internationally recognized artists for their skill and technique. Magdalena Gutierrez and Germán Ballejo, will join us this year, like they did the past two editions.

Every year our tango friends arrive from all continents. This edition – the 20th – is from 20th to 27th August … in hotels on the sea !!! Come join us!

Next stop Hamburg

Next stop Hamburg

Dear friends of Tango,
We are happy to welcome to Hamburg for the first time the  Tango Pista 2017 World Champions: German Ballejo & Magdalena Gutierrez!
They will be with us in Hamburg next Wednesday June 15 and will give two tango workshops at Universo Tango followed by a milonga with a great show.

Workshops are June 15. In “La Yumba” at Kastanienallee 9, 20359 Hamburg.
The next Milonga will take place at Universo starting at 7 p.m.
For more information and reservations call +491794846308 
Yours, Universo Tango Hamburg & El Milongon Porteño

Back to the road

Back to the road!

After almost two years of Pandemia, during which any kind of encounter was prohibited, in Buenos Aires as in the world, Tango is finally coming back! And so do we!
We are happy to announce we are taking reservations for our agenda 2022 so don’t hesitate to contact us. After our 3 months Tango Immersion in Seoul, we will be touring in Europe from May to August.
We have always based our dance and teaching on strengthening the links between old years Tango and today’s. Rescuing “yeites” from the old milongueros, essential pillars of Tango, especially understood as a social and popular dance. 
Aligned with these concepts, we developed during Pandemia a method of teaching: Find your Tango, where we prioritize the identification of each student with their own tango. The aim is to provide a more personalized and effective work to generate a more authentic dance, fostering each student creativity, their own musical sensitivity, within their possibilities respecting always their process of learning.
We hope to be able to meet you all somewhere around the globe, to embrace each other and Tango on!

In our way to Seoul

In our way to Seoul

We are very excited to be back after three long years! How many embraces await us!
Very much looking forward to teaching in Tango Collegium again! This time we will do an intensive seminar of three months! We hope you welcome us eager to work and lots of Tango!
See you soon!

Argentina Tango Salón Festival

Argentina Tango Salon Festival

What a beautiful experience to have been part of Argentina Tango Salon Festival. Despite all the adversities of the current reality, this group of brave people: Magdalena Valdez, Roberto Zuccarino, Dorota Agata and their entire team, said Yes to Tango and continued Forward. Thank you for allowing us to collaborate and contribute with our grain of sand in these uncertain times. A pleasure to share and meet again with so many super professional and committed colleagues and so many milonguero friends united by the same passion. Thanks for making us vibrate! ATSF was a Fiesta Milonguera! See you in the next edition!
Magdalena Gutierrez & German Ballejo 


Bariloche También es Tango Festival

Bariloche También es Tango Festival

How nice to work in our country! And how wonderful is Argentina and its people!
Thank you Carito Ayala for the invitation!
It was a beautiful experience! Thanks to the team, the colleagues, the students!
In May the preliminary is coming! Do not miss it!

What seemed to start off on the wrong foot…

What seemed to start off on the wrong foot...

Words are not enough for me to thank for this experience, to travel again, to dance, to teach … but above all things to have meet you again! Immense emotion to hug you all one more time! Old and new friends that tango, life, offers us.
It was a tour that seemed to start off on the wrong foot, but thanks to all these wonderful people it turned out to be spectacular and extremely exciting! Thank you for taking care of me and loving me so much!

A very special thank you to these three immense professionals and friends who supported me and accompanied me with all their art and talent: Diego Luciano Chandia, Cristian Palomo, Pablo Velez

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Thanks to all who joined us in this special and virtual 2021! Thanks to our students, colleagues and friends who supported us in Find Your Tango Online ❤️
You were extremely important in getting through these pandemic times and supporting each other. We leave you some memories!
And our best wishes for this new year 2022 shall it bring health, love, peace and many many tango hugs.