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Magdalena Gutierrez

Germán Ballejo





As a Tango couple we have developed a traditional dance style with contemporary elements. Standing out for our elegance, expressiveness and original musicality. Winning the   

World Tango Championship 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Throughout our career we have been part of important dance companies, performing in theaters around the world and participating in countless international festivals, giving courses and shows, always with the passion and professionalism that characterizes us.

As teachers, we are well known for our creativity, pedagogy and empathy; sharing our love for tango and supporting our students on their learning journey.

Magdalena Gutierrez

Magdalena is an internationally renowned dancer, with an exquisite elegance and an understanding of Tango that goes well beyond a performance dance. As a dancer, one can see how much she appreciates the embrace, the connection and her pleasure on the dance floor, as well as her ability to respond to the requests of the partner, without losing her identity. She is a creative and musical dancer, with a distinctive and refined footwork; who puts her heart in each and every movement of her body.

Germán Ballejo

Owner of a long career on stage and a particular love for salon-style tango.This mix between the creative side of popular dances and the professionalism required to work on stage is a defining feature of his art. He is characterized by being a complete, expressive dancer with great interpretive and teaching capacity. In Buenos Aires he passed through some of the most important local stages and theaters. In 2014, he worked for the prestigious Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.

What do we do

Our mission is to enlighten the connection between old years Tango and today’s Tango. We wish to share the “yeites” that belonged to the old Milongueros, rediscovering subtleties that might have been lost in time.

Understand the historical evolution of those old forms of tango and consciously incorporate this knowledge into our Tango today; honoring the essential pillars of Tango, understood especially as a social and popular dance.

Our lessons combine theoretical and practical exercises (applying renewed resources: audiovisual material / elements), covering musical and technical concepts.

The goal is for the student to experience body awareness with each of the technical trainings and develop their own musical sensitivity. In addition to fostering creativity and curiosity in each person.

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Production for El Cachivache Quinteto

Dancer: Magdalena Gutiérrez & German Ballejo

El Cachivache serves its music vigorously and with a good dose of humor, mixing traditional tango music overloaded with a post-punk air, which at the same time scares and attracts the public.

Women’s tango shoes for the role of leader

Handmade shoes from Buenos Aires, with split sole for maximum flexibility, for use indoors or outdoors.

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In this course, Magdalena Gutiérrez, World Tango Champion 2017, will give you the tools so that you can dabble into Tango in a simple and fun way.

In a super informal and relaxed atmosphere, you will incorporate the basic notions of this dance to improvise a Tango from start to end combining different movements and structures.

Collaboration for the video clip “Poema” by Orquesta Romántica Milonguera

Guest dancers: Magdalena Gutiérrez and Germán Ballejo

A traditional Tango orchestra, but with the energy and imprint from the new generations. The Romántica Milonguera Orquesta brings us an innovative danceable tango musical proposal; retaking the legacy of the great orchestras of the 40s through its varied and dynamic repertoire.

Guide to milongas and tango practices in Buenos Aires. You can also find tango shoes, clothes, tango schools, record stores, accommodation, all the information you need, you will find it in the guide!

Production for El Cachivache Quinteto

Dancer: Magdalena Gutiérrez

El Cachivache serves its music vigorously and with a good dose of humor, mixing traditional tango music overloaded with a post-punk air, which at the same time scares and attracts the public.