Buenos Aires Tango Tour

Dear, friends!
I would like to encourage you to join an enchanting adventure right in the heart of Buenos Aires. Immerse yourself in the seductive rhythm, vibrant music, and rich cultural heritage of tango. 
Whether you’re a seasoned tanguero or just starting your tango journey, this experience will envelop you in a whirlwind of emotions and cultural encounters.
Get ready to experience an unforgettable time while embracing the essence of tango in its birthplace.
Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow tango enthusiasts, sway to the rhythms of the music, and be carried away by the sheer magic of tango.
Don’t wait any longer; let the enchantment of tango embrace you!
👠 Register before August 15th using the code: #054, and you’ll receive a free pair of Tango Shoes! 👞
Don’t hesitate in getting in contact, we craft tailor-made experiences. 
Information Request: https://forms.gle/to4nWpetWdaF2pFJ8 

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