Canada Tour February 2024


Hello tango dancers in Canada and all over the world!
We are very excited to share the news that we will be performing in Windsor Canada 🇨🇦 alongside a symphony! 
We would like to invite you all to the concert.
Here are the details of the event:
We are considering staying a few more days in Canada, we will keep you updated… Toronto and Montreal watch out!



Hola, tango dancers from all over the world!
From September 28th till October 1st, we will be dancing at NOVI SAD, SERBIA at the 4th edition of NOVI SAD TANGO ADVENTURE! ✨✨✨
This year we are expanding our lineup and are bringing three amazing couples that we find very inspiring. We would like to create an opportunity to learn from them and enjoy their live performances here, in Novi Sad. ❤️
💥 Don’t miss the EARLY BIRD PRICES! ✨✨✨
Who is coming this year?
⭐️ Carlitos & Agustina
⭐️ Fernando & Ariadna
⭐️ German & Magdalena
What to expect?
>>> 3 daily milongas & 4 evening milongas
>>> show performances
>>> amazing workshops
>>> beautiful locations
✨ Official mood makers ✨
DJ Carlitos
DJ Fernando
DJ Lucas
DJ Melih
DJ Luka
DJ Djiki
For marathon lovers there will be daily and evening milongas, but more details are coming soon. Stay tuned! ⭐️
Start planning your trip to Novi Sad, because the adventure is happening here this fall. ❤️
Join our Facebook GROUP to connect with other dancers regarding accommodation & traveling to our event.
Let’s embrace!

Tel Aviv 2023

Tel Aviv 2023 - Summer camp!

Hello dear “tangueros” we are  very happy to see you all and to return to Israel again. We are going to be giving individual classes and developing a super important course for you in the next few days.
Don’t hesitate to ask for information.

This week we continue to schedule private classes for you and every Wednesday we are waiting for you at Lo de Silvia, with classes + practice. from 8:00 p.m.

Don’t miss your opportunity! 


Tangostuni 2023 – Tango Holidays!

Tangostuni 2023 - Tango Holidays!

We are in Puglia (Italy), a land of light, sea, history, unique flavors, natural beauty, and even Tango. Since 2003 we have been organizing holiday tango. We were the first in the world !!! Yes, the first to think of 7 days of lessons, milongas and tourism.

Always accompanied by internationally recognized artists for their skill and technique. Magdalena Gutierrez and Germán Ballejo, will join us this year, like they did the past two editions.

Every year our tango friends arrive from all continents. This edition will allow you to choose within two different weeks in August, in hotels on the sea !!! Come join us!

Easter 2023 in Vitoria, Spain

Easter in Vitoria-Gasteiz

We announce once again a tango meeting to be held from April 6 to 9, 2023, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Basque Country, to dance a lot of tango and enjoy this beautiful Green Capital city.
The meeting offers a tango workshop with the teachers German Ballejo and Magdalena Gutierrez World Tango Champions on the track, with an exhibition show by them.
The program includes: milongas every day, talks, visits and lots of fun on Saturday Great Gala Milonga with Show, musicalized by the great Dicri Tango Dj at the four-star ****Hotel NH Canciller Ayala Vitoria.

World Tour 2023. Booking now

Agenda 2023 - World Tour

We are happy to announce our 2023 agenda. New destinations are coming up. Follow us and stay updated!
We are still taking reservations so don’t hesitate to contact us. 
Our dance and teaching are based on strengthening the links between old years Tango and today’s. Rescuing “yeites” from the old milongueros, essential pillars of Tango, especially understood as a social and popular dance. 
We developed during Pandemia a method of teaching: Find your Tango, where we prioritize the identification of each student with their own tango. The aim is to provide a more personalized and effective work to generate a more authentic dance, fostering each student creativity, their own musical sensitivity, within their possibilities respecting always their process of learning.

We provide all levels group and private lessons, tango choreography/stage and pista coaching + exhibitions.

We are Available for booking.

We hope to be able to meet you all somewhere around the globe, to embrace each other and Tango on!

In our way to Seoul

Seoul, twice in a year

We are very excited to be back!
Very much looking forward to teaching in Tango Collegium again, and eating kimchi and mandu! We will be in Seoul for two intensive weeks, giving all levels group and private lessons, tango choreography/stage and pista coaching + exhibitions.

We are Available for booking.

 We hope you welcome us eager to work and lots of Tango!
See you soon!

Tano Tango Festival 2022

Tano Tango Festival

A festival that deeply binds the history and culture it hosts to the history and culture it hosts: Naples and Buenos Aires, the Neapolitan song and the tango. Also for this reason the festival recovers in the title the term “Tano”, a contraction of Neapolitan, still used in Buenos Aires to indicate all immigrants of Italian origin, not necessarily descendants of Neapolitans.


Mucho Tango Festival – Buenos Aires 2022

Mucho Tango Festival

What a great opportunity to be part of Mucho Tango Festival. Thank you Magdalena Valdez, Roberto Zuccarino, Dorota Agata to have invited us. A pleasure to share and meet again with so many super professional and committed colleagues and so many milonguero friends united by the same passion. 
Magdalena Gutierrez & German Ballejo 

Toronto here we go! TTX 2022!!

Toronto here we go! TTX 2022

We are so happy to be one more time invited to this wonderful Festival full of lovely people and so well organized, in a very familiar and cozy way. We can’t wait to meet you all again!

Ideal weather to get lost walking in such a lovely city, enjoy lessons and milongas with the best atmosphere.

We are looking forward to share the experience with you all and this amazing cast.

The Toronto Tango Experience Festival & Marathon (TTX)
October 6-9, 2022
German Ballejo & Magdalena Gutierrez
(2017 World Tango Champions)
Eleonora Kalganova with partner Iakof Shonsky
with world class DJs from around the world.
Get ready for 4 days of dance-till-you drop milongas on a wooden floor in our beautiful air-conditioned ballroom (with full licensed bar). We have visitors from ALL OVER THE WORLD coming to ‘our festival so don’t miss this special opportunity to meet amazing dancers from every continent.
The Toronto Tango Experience takes place at the SPK Polish Hall, 206 Beverley St, Toronto
To register or for more information visit
Toronto Tango Experience Tango Festival website