Back to the road

Back to the road!

After almost two years of Pandemia, during which any kind of encounter was prohibited, in Buenos Aires as in the world, Tango is finally coming back! And so do we!
We are happy to announce we are taking reservations for our agenda 2022 so don’t hesitate to contact us. After our 3 months Tango Immersion in Seoul, we will be touring in Europe from May to August.
We have always based our dance and teaching on strengthening the links between old years Tango and today’s. Rescuing “yeites” from the old milongueros, essential pillars of Tango, especially understood as a social and popular dance. 
Aligned with these concepts, we developed during Pandemia a method of teaching: Find your Tango, where we prioritize the identification of each student with their own tango. The aim is to provide a more personalized and effective work to generate a more authentic dance, fostering each student creativity, their own musical sensitivity, within their possibilities respecting always their process of learning.
We hope to be able to meet you all somewhere around the globe, to embrace each other and Tango on!